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Added a slide show feature! Now you can launch a slide show on any photo album page, and sit back and watch. It's got smooth cross-fade transitions, pause, back, and forward controls, a place indicator, etc. And it's all done in JavaScript, so no Flash player required!
Major upgrades to the photos section! I've added the ability to switch to a black background, turn off and on the captions, comments and photo data blocks, and comment, like, and download wallpapers much more easily and conveniently. Check it out!

And please let me know if things don't look or work quite right. This is all fairly high-end AJAX stuff, and I'm still working out the browser compatibility issues.
I've joined the Facebook community! Click here to become a friend!
Re-worked the photo comments to be a bit more user-friendly. Hopefully this will encourage more comments!
Updated my screensavers! I now offer both FREE and registered versions. I'll be adding new screen savers soon!
Added a "tags" management system to my photo collection. You now can browse by tag! I'll be working for a few days still tagging all the photos, but I think it adds a new dimension to the collection.
last update: 2.8.2012

The online photo collection of Bruce Quackenbush. Featuring tons of photographs of downtown Denver, urban architecture, aviation, nature and more!

I post new photographs several times per month, so check back often.

Currently 3442 photos in 94 albums, last updated 4/15/2013.

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Professionally I do web design, database development and custom programming. If that's what you're looking for please visit my business site at DuckBytes.net.

Other interests include aviation, architecture, history and photography. That's what this site is about. This is where I'll be posting my photographs, discussing Denver history and architecture, and generally playing around.

Find me on Facebook! The box on the right side is where I'll post messages about what's new on this site. So keep an eye on that. I also post notices on my Facebook page when I update this site. Drop by and become a Fan!

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy, and feel free to participate and offer feedback as you see fit.

QRule 1.0
Introducing QRule, a handy, little, stay-on-top, on-screen ruler. Check straight lines, angles, distances, etc. on your computer screen.

I developed this tool for my own needs, but you might find it useful. Check out QRule by DuckBytes to download a free trial version!

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